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Motion control systems

High precision positioning devices from Zaber Technologies
Zaber Technologies designs and manufactures precision motion control products suitable for a wide range of tasks. Zaber's extensive line of computer controlled motorized linear slides, miniature linear actuators, motorized rotary stages, motorized mirror mounts, goniometers and other devices, make automating sub-micron positioning applications quick, easy, and affordable.Features
  • Solutions for high load, high speed, long travel requirements offer variety of applications
  • Vacuum-compatible motorized linear stages and mirror mounts
  • Devices designed with built-in or external controllers
  • Multi-axis system configuration
  • Several Zaber devices can be daisy-chained and controlled from a single serial port

Further information

Based on the application requirements, Zaber offers a wide range of products and most of the them are available in several models with different specification about travel range, speed and resolution.
Many of Zaber devices are designed with built-in controllers and drivers (and some with encoders), which reduces cost and overall device footprint. Belt-driven linear stages with travel lengths up to 2.1 m and a maximum speed of 2.0 m/s, are available for rapidly positioning lighter loads over large distances. Solution with encoder position feedback with slip/stall detection and automatic recovery and linear stages with flexible stainless steel dust cover to protect internal lead screw and bearings in dirty environments are also available. Linear actuators are available to satisfy high precision positioning requirements, with resolution up to 0.05 μm, or high thrust requirements, up to 540 N peak. Up to 254 Zaber devices can be daisy-chained to a single RS-232 or USB port. Power can be transmitted through the data cables of most models, allowing multiple devices to be powered from a single power supply. Minimal hardware and cabling make Zaber products easy to set up and help reduce clutter on the workbench. All motorized Zaber devices can be controlled by software or by the optional Zaber joystick. Most models offer a control knob integrated in the built-in stepper motor controller to allow manual positioning as well. Zaber software is easy to use and automatically recognizes all your devices and allows you to communicate with each one. You can easily set up automated routines, and programmers can modify the source code for advanced customization. All the Zaber software is available for free download in many popular languages including LabVIEW, Visual Basic, C#, Excel, and C.


375.09 KB
XYZ series 3-axis stages with built-in controllers datasheet
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VSR series vertical lift stage data sheet


Optical alignment and calibration
Motorizing microscope stage
Positioning CCD and photomultiplier
Systems integration
Testing of sensors and antenna positioning
X-Y or X-Y-Z stage systems


Motion control systems from Zaber catalogue
Motion control systems from Zaber catalogue

Reference customers

"WITec is a manufacturer of high performance optical and scanning probe microscopy systems solutions for scientific and industrial applications. WITec integrates three of Zaber's T-LA28A-S actuators in their Scanning Near-field Optical Microscope alpha300 S for moving the inverted microscope's objective in three axis. An additional actuator is used for conveniently moving a filter slider. The T-LA28A-S gives a resolution of 100 µm, perfectly matching WITec's demanding requirements in high-resolution microscopy.  "We favour the Zaber actuators because they can be easily activated by our microscope control electronics and software also allowing to excellently connect several actuators in one system."

" WITec GmbH, Ulm, Germany


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