Closed-cycle optical cryostat with intermediate sample chamber and integrated cold sample electronics size

Cryostation s100 from Montana Instruments

The Cryostation s100 (Fusion) is the “fusion” of the Cryostation s50 and the Cryostation s200 (Nanoscale Workstation). This closed-cycle cryostat has the very high temperature and vibration stability of the Cryostation s50 and a sample space in between the Cryostation s50 and the Cryostation s200. With an inside radiation shield diameter of 95 mm, the Cryostation s100 provides the perfect intermediate sample chamber size for increased experimental flexibility without sacrificing base temperature. Additionally the Cryostation s100 provides 25 extra electrical feedthroughs directly to the sample platform circuit board. These feedthroughs require no further thermal lagging and provide routes for DC measurements and additional thermometers.

  • 3.2 - 350 K temperature range
  • 10 nm vibration level (peak-to-peak)
  • 10 mK temperature stability (peak-to-peak)
  • 25 extra thermal lagged electrical feedthroughs
  • Ø 95 mm sample space

Further information

The Cryostation s100 also offers more than twice the working volume of the standard s50 sample space. This provides enough space to add additional equipment, such as wiring or multiple piezo stacks. The beam height is at 126 mm, which allows transmission measurements to be done on standard positioners. An integrated and modular cold circuit board simplifies the installation of electrical connections, eliminating the need to route and thermally lag wiring.

The cryostat provides both low temperatures and low vibrations. Peak-to-peak vibrations are less than 10 nm. This is achieved with a patent-pending design which maintains a typical base temperature of 3.2 K and a typical active load cooling power of 0.1 W at 4.2 K with all 5 optical access windows in place.
In both liquid helium and closed-cycle systems temperature drift is a problem. Using patent-pending active and passive temperature stabilization, the Cryostation s100 achieves long- and short-term temperature stabilities of less than 10 mK peak-to-peak. This is even achieved at temperatures below 4 K. The Cryostation will automatically stabilize at the user-defined temperature set-point.

The system is equipped with 33 electrical connections into the sample area in addition to the included four thermometers and three heaters. The cryostat was engineered with an intentional separation of the sample environment from the cryocooler. This allows optical access from above and radially in the same system and at the same time. The flexible, modular design also allows new sample areas to be constructed and easily implemented.


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Cryostation Variable temperature research platforms brochure


Cryo optic The Cryostation s100 is available with integrated optics for high NA imaging at low temperatures. With a new horizontal objective design, seamless integration with other optical measurement systems is achieved, while maintaining easy access to the sample. This revolutionary design eliminates the alignment and drift challenges associated with using high performance optics in a cryogenic setup.
The Cryo-Optic was specially designed for integration with a full measurement system. Optional modular configurations allow users to choose a custom spectrometer and optical train setup for a complete measurement solution. The configurable breadboard option features optical access, quick access panels, optional optics including CCD, integrated white light source, and more. This unique interface allows for real-time imaging and alignment. The sample space and objective can be coupled to many third-party optical spectrometers either through the optical breadboard option or directly with other custom interfacing components.
Low working distance option The low working distance option allows users to use external optics and achieve a working distance as low as 1mm. The components to achieve the low working distance configuration include a thin vacuum window, a raised radiation aperture, and a thin radiation window. The sample can be placed close to the overhead optic.
Internal piezo options The Cryostation s100 can incorporate precision nano-positioning stages on the standard platform, or using an optical recessed platform. These piezo motion stages are integrated into the cold space for translating, rotating, or tilting the sample. To keep the sample within 0.2 K of the platform temperature, a flexible thermal link is provided to thermally connect the cold stage to the sample mount.


Stephane Struyve
Stephane Struyve

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