New flexibility – Moxtek wire-grid polarizers

Moxtek from Utah, USA is the leading manufacturer of wire-grid polarizers and beamsplitters. Aluminum structures are applied to glass substrates which provides a very high temperature stability.

However, the outstanding flexibility known from film polarizers can not be reached this way. This is why so far some of the great features of Moxtek polarizers have not been available with some applications.

The new film polarizer Nano-Flex now breaches this gap. It meets all the sophisticated specifications of the established polarizers, but with a flexible material. This makes it particularly suited for thermoforming or laminating on arched substrates. Nano-Flex can be used both as polarizer under 90° and as beamsplitter under 45°.

The light film is perfectly fit for the compact optical design of head-up or head-mounted displays, as filter for IR sensors and for polarized sun glasses. Compared with standard products on glass substrates, the Nano-Flex technology also allows larger polarization areas. 


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