New - Biolin scientific support portal

With Support Portal, Biolin Scientific have recently released a new platform to further improve the company’s online support. Whether you have a QSense, Attention or KSV Nima instrument, the platform offers useful support content for every specific instrument.
The support portal gives immediate answers to product-related questions by providing the following:

  • “Get started” support
  • Manuals and user guides
  • An Academy section for in-depth information
  • A Software section with downloads and support feature
  • Guides on available accessories and consumables.

If you have a QSense Dfind subscription, new downloads, upgrades and software support are also accessible via Support Portal.
To access, go to, click on ‘Sign in’ in the upper right corner and select ‘Apply for access’. When Biolin Scientific have set-up your account you will receive a registration e-mail with login details.


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