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Hyperspectral single core scanner


The Single Core Scanner (SCS) setup is based on the Specim Sisu systems. SCS combines the spectral camera setup with an efficient translation stage and illumination that limits the heat load to the sample. Unlike SisuROCK, SCS uses one spectral camera at a time. Nevertheless, it features mounting for different cameras. Over time, this provides high flexibility for the use with different samples of various sizes, weights and wavelength ranges. SCS comes equipped with our acquisition software, but also allows the use of the operator’s own analysis software. SCS is less automated than SisuROCK and is meant for single measurements only.

Thanks to its high flexibility, the Single Core Scanner can be equipped with either a VisNIR (400-1000 nm), NIR (900 nm to 1700 nm) or SWIR (1000 nm-2500 nm) camera. By default, the system is delivered with one camera. Other cameras may be ordered with the system or at a later state. A return of the SCS is not necessary.

  • Turn key
  • Flexible
  • High resolution
  • Transportable from site to site

Further information

SCS is able to cover the full range of samples in laboratories or close to the line. Although originally designed for sediment cores and single drill cores, it is also used for different materials.

SCS takes advantage of a low heat load illumination that covers the full spectral range of 400-2500 nm. This ensures that the samples do not heat up during the measurement. SCS also features a long, software-controlled translation stage (150 cm) that can be moved freely up to the maximum length,  and a robust aluminum frame which also carries the camera in different heights.

SCS offers the full flexibility of Specim’s push broom scanning technology. It is delivered with a full set of different high-quality lenses to cover samples in various sizes from very small to large with the same instrument.


Mineral mapping
Material sorting
Spectral analysis




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