Technical & application support

Our experienced service staff answers your questions on all instruments and accessories. You can count on our expertise – both on application challenges and when the instrument does not work as it should.

We understand your problem!

Our engineers hold years of experience in both application and service. We provide helpful advice and, together with you, find individual solutions for your particular application demands.

Make use of our application lab for your test and sample measurements.

We offer:

  • Installations and trainings
  • Spare and wear parts, accessories
  • Calibrations
  • Relocation of instruments
  • Test and sample measurements
  • After-sales customer support

Your contact

You will find your contact person in one of the product groups listed below. For general questions regarding our services or if none of the product groups seem appropriate, please contact on of the colleagues mentioned under Service Assistance.

We can process your request with the following information:

  • Type of instrument
  • Serial number
  • Software version
  • Short error description

Service assistance

Service engineers:

Andor - Cameras & detectors

Biolin Scientific KSV Nima

Biolin Scientific QSense

CPS - Particle size analyzer

Durham Magneto Optics (DMO) - Laser lithography system

Lakeshore - Vibrating sample magnetometer

Light sources, solar simulators & monochromators

Montana Instruments - Closed-cycle optical cryostat

Quantum Design - Measurement & Helium Recovery Systems

Quorum Technologies - Desktop Coater & Sample Preparation Systems

Specac - FTIR accessories

Specim - Hyperspectral instruments, systems and cameras

Woollam - Spectroscopic ellipsometers

Xenics - IR cameras


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