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Side Window X-Ray Sources

from Moxtek

End Window and Side Window, Cabled Sources, (L 182mm x W 45mm x H 20mm)

Moxtek Side Window X-ray Sources are used for XRD and imaging applications. The small spot size and the short spot-to-object distance (minimum of 7mm) allow the use of high geometrical magnification in imaging applications. Smaller spot size translates directly into a higher spatial resolution at the detector.

The large x-ray cone angle provides for a large viewing area at the detector.

Side window tubes have approximately 30% higher x-ray flux compared to end window tubes, which helps in applications that rely on counting low numbers of photons, such as X-Ray Diffraction (XRD).

  • Close coupling of source to detector
  • Portable, versatile
  • Easy to integrate
  • Long life
  • Short sampling time
  • Flexible form factor

Further information

Configurable Parameters

  • Target materials: Cr, Cu, Mo, W
  • Wiring length: 4”-11.5” (101 mm - 292mm)


MAGNUM reflection x-ray with 40 kV


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