X-ray windows for EDXRF applications

DuraBeryllium from Moxtek

DuraBeryllium windows feature the DuraCoat technology, a proprietary refractory material consisting of elements lighter than sodium that ensure Beryllium windows stay vacuum tight in harsh environments. This product is highly resistant to moisture, chemicals, and abrasion making them ideal for XRF applications. DuraBeryllium windows are most commonly used in EDXRF applications.

Diffusion metal bbonded DuraBeryllium windows can withstand temperatures up to 400 °C in vacuum or 350 °C in air. Adhesive bonded Beryllium and DuraBeryllium windows can be exposed to temperatures above 100 °C at a differential pressure of 1 atm on some mount designs.

  • Corrosion resistance, hermetic seal
  • High transmission of low energy x-rays
  • Constant transmission across entire window
  • High temperature exposure
  • Minimal spectral contamination

Further information

Configurable Parameters

  • Geometries
  • Thickness: ≥ 8 μm
  • Coatings


DuraBeryllium X-ray windows
Technical Note: DuraBeryllium windows in conflat flanges
Technical Note: Guidelines for designing a mount


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