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Digital laser power probes

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Our digital laser power probe is a completely portable, easy-to-use calorimeter type power meter. The instrument consists of two components: a microprocessor-based digital meter and a probe head.

Different probe heads are available to cover various laser types with power ranges from a few watts to over 11 kW. The meter accepts any of the probe heads so it is easy to change power ranges as well as check a reading using a second probe head of the same type.

  • Measures laser power from 20 W to over 11 kW
  • Increased accuracy due to the microprocessor control and a digital readout
  • Readings are retained until the meter is reset
  • Inexpensive and easily switched Power Probes
  • Computer chip in the Power Probe Head contains calibration information

Further information

Like our highly successful dial type Analog Laser Power Probes, the Digital Power Probe uses timed exposures and is based on the idea that the laser power measurement should be quick and easy. Setup should not require special fixture or time consuming alignment. Ideally, it should be possible to take power measurements at any point in the optical system where losses are likely to occur.

Unfortunately, most laser power meters have sacrificed ease of use to gain continuous power readings. In most laboratory and production situations; however, the usual requirement is for quick power spot checks with minimum disruptions.


Probe head selection

Eight different Probe Heads are available for use with the DM5 Digital Meter. The Probe Heads have four different power ranges (designated D1, D2, D3, D4). The Probe Heads are also available with two absorbing coatings designated Y and C.

The Y series probe heads have a broad spectral absorption coating that is particularly useful for YAG lasers but covers a spectral range from 0.4 to 6 microns. This coating can also be used with CO2 lasers.

Specification probe head
Probe Head Modell D1-C & D1-Y Modell D2-C & D2-Y* Modell D3-C & D3-Y* Modell D4-C & D4-Y*
Useful power range [W] 20 to 220 100 to 1100 200 to 2200 1000 to 11000
Exposure time [s] 20 20 20 10
Resolution [W] 0,1 1 1 10
Head diameter [mm] 38 (C)/38 (Y) 48 (C)/63 (Y) 60 (C)/76 (Y) 76 (C)/88 (Y)
Head length [mm] 12 (C)/10 (Y) 50 (C)/25 (Y) 58 (C)/33 (Y) 88 (C)/55 (Y)
Accuracy [g] ±5 ±5 ±5 ±5
Repeatability [%] ±1,5 ±1,5 ±1,5 ±1,5
NIST Certificat on request on request on request on request
*Note: The D2C, D3C and D4C probe heads are conical

If the Probe Head is to be used with only a CO2 laser, then the C coating is preferred. The C coating does not exhibit damaged until the aluminum substrate is close to melting. The D3C and D4C Probe Heads are conical in shape allowing for a higher damage threshold.


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