First installation of our IR furnace by Quantum Design Japan

We are very happy to present Prof. Halasyamani from the Aalto University in Finland as customer of our IR furnace.

The furnace was successfully in­­stalled at the University in February of this year by Quantum Design Japan.

The system is a crystal growth furnace to produce large crystals by the Floating Zone method. Two IR lamps can generate temperatures up to 2100 °C.

Thanks to the closed-circle cooling, the system is easy to use and requires only a simple power connection.

The furnace was installed by both IR furnace expert Takeshi Shimada of Quantum Design Japan and our German service technician Alexander Schrenk (on the left).

Dr. Weiguo Zhang (on the right) of Prof. Halasyamani Paramasivan’s group will grow new, polar, multi-functional oxides which feature characteristics like piezo, pyro and ferro electricity.

A comprehensive introduction and de­tailed description of these topics are pre­sented in the 15 minute long inaugu­ral lecture by Prof. Halasyamani that can be found on the internet by searching for “Shiv Halasyamani” and “New Functional Inorganic Materials”.



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