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Top articles from Edition 32 (11/19)

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Our new website is online!

In the course of our name change, we have completely updated and redesigned our website.

Our Nordic man: Staffan Eriksson

“My name is Staffan Eriksson and I am your local contact person…”

Maybe you have already read this before, as it might be my most often used line.…

Life sciences

SCREEN – emerging technologies in 3D ex vivo imaging

In drug discovery processes, there has been a growing shift from laboratory-based 2D in vitro approaches towards 3D ex vivo-based platforms.


Materials science

Flexus now with Windows 10

Good news for all who have been waiting for Toho to update the oper-ating system of the FLX Flexus thin film stress measurement systems.

Magnetic monopoles can be heard

With the help of DC-SQUIDS (superconducting quantum interference device), researchers of Cornell University and Oxford University have been successful…

Quantum Design‘s ACDR option – publication in Nature Physics

From the abstract of Bin Gao et. al. nature article using the AC susceptibility option for the dilution refrigerator of the PPMS from Quantum Design:…

Addition to our article about sensitivity and noise in VSM measurement

Our last issue of Spectrum included an article about sensitivity and noise in VSM measurements. In this issue we would like to present to you feedback…

NanoMOKE3 – improved design for MOKE measurements

The successful NanoMOKE3 Kerr magnetometer by Durham Magneto Optics (DMO) is the most sensitive system of its kind on the market.

Spectroscopic ellipsometry – measurements at up to 1000 °C

Spectroscopic ellipsometry at room temperature provides a lot of important information about layer structure and optical constants.

Heat capacity of magnetite explored by students

On the website of Quantum Design North America, a new student exper- iment can be found: Measuring the heat capacity of magnetite (Fe3O4). This…


Optical filters UV - FIR

We offer a wide selection of high quality optical filters and state-of-the-art coatings from UV to FIR.

How do I find the right filter for my particular application and what is the difference between them? (Part 2)

Short pass filters have almost the same characteristics as the long pass filters I presented to you in Spectrum no. 15. The difference is that they…

Do you know pixelated polarizers?

The fact that Moxtek supplies highly heat-resistant polarizers for the 240 nm - 15 µm range is not so new. However, their “pixelated” version for…


The gateway to vacuum UV

High-energy radiation is interesting for various applications in optics and materials research. Thanks to synchrotron- or laser-based light sources…


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