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over 50 years of experience


For more than 50 years, Quantum Design Europe has been one of the leading distributors of high-tech systems and components for research and industry. With 120 employees in 20 European countries, we offer the broadest selection with an exciting mix of suppliers from long-established corporations on the one hand and innovative start-up companies on the other.

We provide well-founded and independent advice catered to your individual requirements and see ourselves as agents between highly specialized manufacturers and science. This can only work when all partners are on an equal level. Our motto is thus: “From scientists to scientists”. In line with this aspiration, all our sales and service employees have a scientific or engineering degree.

We started in 1970 as Oriel GmbH, as representative of Oriel Instruments, an American manufacturer of components and systems for the optical laboratory. Later names changes document a change of ownership and the expansion of our product portfolio.

Today, Quantum Design Europe is part of the globally active Quantum Design International Group with headquarters in San Diego. This makes us a proud part of the first global high-tech distribution network with subsidiaries all around the world.


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