The new headquarters of Quantum Design Europe

More space for competent advice

It's done, we have moved

We have been working in our new company headquarters in Pfungstadt since the beginning of November 2023. Our new address: Breitwieserweg 9, 64319 Pfungstadt

Final Spurt

Next month is the time. We are moving. The final work is in full swing, and the exterior work is also almost complete. When the courtyard is paved, the moving vans can roll up. We are looking forward to working together in the new premises in Pfungstadt.

A lot has happened...

Some time has passed since the last update, but that doesn't mean we've been idle! After some back and forth with the original window builder, we have successfully managed to get this problem under control. All windows are installed and the north façade is finished with insulation and plastering.

Most of the work is now happening in the building, the drywallers have put up the walls, installed the electrics, air conditioning, ventilation, etc., and stowed the many pipes and cables under the ceilings before they are then suspended.

Particular care is needed with the IT, after all, several kilometres of cable must ultimately arrive at the right desk! The new warehouse building is as good as finished, and from July the high shelves and other storage facilities will be set up here.

So things are moving forward and it won't be long before our doors open in Pfungstadt.

We move on!

Our new building construction site is busy. After the raw building was completed on schedule at the end of 2022, we experienced a first setback with the window construction. Ultimately, after some back and forth, we had to reassign this craft. This in turn has a significant impact on the following crafts, especially drywall and interior plaster. Our solution to damage limitation is to seal the window openings with foil. This allows the drywall to put the interior walls At the same time, the first kilometers of cabling are being prepared.

The shell is completed

You could watch the progress every day and suddenly the shell is finished. All the ideas that were previously only visible on the plan are now tangible. The next step will be to install windows to prepare the building for the winter. In addition, the drywall and interior finishing will be done in the coming months. We are excited about the progress and look forward to the next steps.

Below you can see some impressions of the training room, the service and demo area and the future warehouse.

There is further progress

In the meantime, our construction site is moving forward with giant steps. In the last few days, we started pouring the floor slabs. The work started at 3 o'clock in the morning. Eight trucks shuttled the concrete from Gernsheim to the construction site. A total of about 65 tons of steel for the reinforcement and 260m³ of concrete were used. 

The dimensions of the future office complex are now already clearly visible. The warehouse will later be connected to the office building in the southwest.
We are happy about the great progress on our construction site.

Finally it goes on

It was quiet here for a long time. But that also has a reason. The basic ground work has been completed, but we had to wait for the final building permit for the office building and warehouse. After almost 7 months it was finally granted and we can continue. The structural work will start this week and the floor slab will be built. It is taking shape and we are excited.

The newspaper reports on our construction site

Even though the construction site in Breitwieserweg has been quiet for a while - the construction work continues steadily.

As the Darmstädter Echo also reported at the beginning of May, the earthworks are in full swing. Despite the tense situation in Europe, we are in good spirits and expect to move in next summer.
Preparations are also underway internally: Inventory lists are being updated, decisions for and against taking furniture with us are being made and the first offices are already being decorated in the mind's eye.

The anticipation is palpable everywhere - even if a little patience is still required.

Great joy at the groundbreaking ceremony

Last Wednesday, the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony for the new building in Breitwieserweg in Pfungstadt took place. Around 30 of the 95 employees took part in the small ceremony. The weather also played along: In beautiful sunshine, people were able to talk shop about the construction plans, the future neighbourhood and the location.

A glass of sparkling wine was served to toast the start of construction together with city councillor Horst Knell, Christine Rühl from the Pfungstadt urban development company and the architect in charge, Jörk Zimmermann.

We hope that this successful start will be representative of the coming construction phases.

Building application approved - time to get started

There was good news for Quantum Design Europe last week: The building application for the ground works on the site of the new headquarters was approved. This means that work can finally begin in Pfungstadt near Darmstadt.

So far, only the newly erected construction sign bears witness to what is to come. But the starting signal has been given and the first excavators are ready.
In the coming weeks, the existing undergrowth will be cleared and mulched. Afterwards, almost 2,000 m³ of topsoil will have to be removed before the actual construction work can continue.

Quantum Design moves to Pfungstadt

After almost 50 years at our current location in Darmstadt, it is time for a change. In close coordination with our parent company in San Diego, we have decided to pitch our tents 10 km further south in Pfungstadt.

On approx. 8,500 m2 our new headquarters with 2,800 m2 of modern, light-flooded office space and 1,000 m2 of warehouse will be built. We are especially excited about the spacious demo and training areas as an essential basis for the future work and support of our customers.

We will keep you regularly informed here about the progress of our construction project.


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