As fast as a flash of lightning...

For high-speed imaging, a standard light source is often used, usually with constant illumination. This is sufficient as long as the integration time in the camera can be minimized. However, it is important that the object is not too fast. Very fast moving objects, such as in a detonation, a projectile or some cracks, would continue to move within a single frame during recording and you would end up with a blurred image.
The specialized Cordin xenon flash lamp model 605, which can send very fast single or repeated flash pulses with constant intensity, can help here. Using this lamp ensures that the image sequence shows no difference in brightness between beginning and end and that even fast moving objects are frozen in the individual images.

The pulsed xenon light source is designed in such a way that in addition to the temporally homogeneous intensity, the duration of the light pulse and its intensity can be variably adjusted. The model 605 can be set to a user-defined repetition frequency or triggered externally. The advantage is the rectangular light pulse with steep edges, which guarantees constant exposure even with fast image sequences, instead of the usual slow rising and falling edges of conventional flash lamps.

If you need to illuminate an object from two sides, you can also operate the 605 light source with a dual flash head.

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