Discrimination of urinary infections using hyperspectral analysis

Giovanni Turra1 1,2, Nicola Conti 2, Alberto Signoroni 1
1     Information Engineering Dept., University of Brescia, Italy
2     Copan Italia S.p.A., Brescia, Italy

Abstract: Because of their widespread diffusion and impact on human health, early identification of pathogens responsible for urinary tract infections (UTI) is one of the main challenges of clinical microbiology. () In this work, we consider and develop hyperspectral image acquisition and analysis solutions to verify the feasibility of a “virtual chromogenic agar” approach, based on the acquisition of spectral signatures from bacterial colonies growing on blood agar plates, and their interpretation by means of machine learning solutions.

We implemented and tested two classification approaches (PCA+SVM and RSIMCA) that evidenced good capability to discriminate among five selected UTI bacteria. For its better performance, robustness and attitude to work with an expanding set of pathogens, we conclude that the RSIMCA-based approach is worth to be further investigated in a clinical usage perspective.

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