DynaCool user workshop in Darmstadt, Germany

In this two-day workshop, we focus on practical experience and general know-how on the PPMS and DynaCool systems. Apart from the basics, we will present and work with the most common options: VSM, HC, and ETO. Our user workshops are always a great opportunity to discuss all topics around the PPMS and DynaCool with both our experts and other users.

Participation is free of charge. As the number of participants is limited, we still need you to register.


In short

Date: 25 & 26 June 2019

Start: 09:15 on 25 June

End: 14:00 on 26 June

Where: LOT-QuantumDesign, Darmstadt

Speakers: Stefan Riesner, Dr. Natalia Tristan, Dr. Marc Kunzmann


Stephane Struyve
Stephane Struyve


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