Great times for networking

Quantum Design Europe has taken part in the XXXVII Biennial meeting of the Royal Spanish Physics Society in Zaragoza in July 2019. During the event, Dr. Tobias Adler and Xavier Boira had a chance to talk with various researchers from different areas about Quantum Design’s cryogenic measurement systems, helium liquefaction and our new low-vibration optical cryostat. Helium recovery was one of the hottest topics due to increasing prices and reduced availability.

The latest system on display was our new OptiCool platform – a 7-Tesla, split-coil, closed-cycle, optical cryostat with ultra low vibrations. We were happy to have Stefano Spagna, CTO from Quantum Design, give an insightful talk about the new cryostat.

All in all we are thankful for the great opportunity to learn more about the applications and research of our existing and prospective customers and look forward to the next event!
Check our website and Spectrum for dates!

More about the cryogen-free optical cryostat with 7-Tesla field OptiCool


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