Happy 100th! PPMS DynaCool

We are happy to say that Quantum Design have delivered the 100th PPMS DynaCool in April of this year.
An unbelievable success, especially when considering that the first Dyna­Cool system was installed at the Uni­versity of San Diego, right next to the Quantum Design facilities, only four years ago. Compared to number one, the anniversary system went a long way around the world: It was installed at the Fudan University of Shanghai.

The DynaCool success story was fueled to a great extend by the excellent reputation of the PPMS system.
The difference is that the PPMS DynaCool does not require cryogenic liquids. It is equipped with an integrated cold head.

Both PPMS and PPMS DynaCool feature a temperature range of 1.9 to 400 K and a magnet with 9 or 14 Tesla.

They provide automated measurement options like VSM, heat capacity and electro or thermal transport and enable the integration of user-designed low-temperature experiments.

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Stephane Struyve
Stephane Struyve


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