High-power-resistant UV-polarizers from 190 nm from Moxtek

Polarized radiation is used in many spectroscopic applications, in projectors, medical imaging technology, head-up displays and military technology.

At the same time, the visible range normally covered by conventional film polarizers is not broad enough for these technologies or the polarizer material is not adequately resistant to the required irradiance.

ProFlux Wire Grid polarizers feature aluminum structures that resist temperatures up to 200 °C (> 5000 h). The structures may be optimized for different wavelengths and, depending on the application, for high contrast or high transmission.

Moxtek offers corresponding parts for the range 240 nm to 15 µm.

By reducing the pitch gap once more, Moxtek have succeeded in finding a solution with wire grid performance for the wavelength range 190 nm to 240 nm, thus opening up new application fields in for example the semiconductor industry.

Standard polarizers with a 25 mm diameter are usually available from stock.

Depending on the application, the A1 structure may be additionally protected by a cover glass.

Since the manufacturing process has developed by the projector industry, a delivery of large quantities or entire OEM application assemblies is possible.

When a polarizer is optimized for applications at a 45° angle, it is called a beamsplitter. Furnished with prisms on both sides, the polarizer serves as beam splitting cube with remarkable optical features. Compared to conventional Glan-Taylor or MacNeille cubes, the linear behavior at various angles of incidence and over a broad spectrum is much better. Generally, the acceptance angle of polarizers and beamsplitters is at ± 20 °.

Even special solutions like pixelated polarizers have been realized by Moxtek. These initialize the pixels of a CCD or CMOS camera with different polarization directions. Absorbing polarizers prevent unwanted back reflections thus providing good imaging characteristics.


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