High-speed cameras from AOS Technologies – passive cooling for interference-free microscopic imaging

Very small objects, especially when they move or change quickly, can only be imaged under a microscope. This is where high-speed cameras with high frame rates come in. Often the microscope itself features a video adapter with C-mount interface for the camera. But imaging with fast frames rates generates heat that needs to be dissipated. Most microscopes or cameras use a small fan that takes away the thermal energy. However, this can cause major disadvantages with microscopic applications. For example, the fan can cause motion which may result in blur effects on the image. With microfluidic applications, a transfer of the vibration to the measurement device may influence the sample’s behavior and make an analysis difficult or even impossible. Another often underestimated effect is the high-frequency noise caused by the cooling fans. Animals, for example, often change their behavior when they hear the camera’s noise.

High-speed cameras from AOS Technologies eliminate these problems! They use passive cooling and do not require a cooling fan. They are also easier to maintain and less prone to failure as they have fewer movable parts than cooled cameras. Failure due to a defective cooling systems is downright impossible.



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