Hyperspectral analyses – (Almost) as easy as a cell phone shot!

Our ultra-compact, all-in-one hyperspectral camera Specim IQ guides you accurately through the acquisition and evaluation of hyperspectral analyses. A special focus camera enables easy focusing, the camera itself suggests the exposure time, and evaluation algorithms are available in the camera for data analysis. Even without much experience in hyperspectral analysis, you will be able to collect and evaluate data immediately. An integrated cross-fade camera adapts the spectral information to the "visible" world, thus enabling fast visual matching.
Specim has posted a series of useful tutorial videos that show all kinds of tips and tricks for beginners and professionals alike to optimize recordings and further simplify the handling of the IQ.
If you have any questions on this or would like to test the camera yourself, please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with the IQ for a few days free of charge!

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