NanoMOKE3 – improved design for MOKE measurements

The successful NanoMOKE3 Kerr magnetometer by Durham Magneto Optics (DMO) is the most sensitive system of its kind on the market. The sample is scanned at high speed with a laser that has a significantly higher intensity than conventional LED lamps. Thus, a much higher sensitivity is achieved than, e.g., with a Kerr microscope. In particular for materials with a transversal Kerr effect, the NanoMOKE3 is the system of choice, since in this case, the signal is often very weak. The position of the laser spot is known at all times, so that the measurement data can be combined to an image with a high frame rate. This makes the system not only a magnetometer, but also a microscope that can make magnetic domains visible.
The system undergoes continual development in response to the requirements of its users. To meet the higher field strength requirements, DMO has added a second set of pole pieces to the 120 mT quadrupole magnet. This way, a 260 mT 2D vector field can be achieved, although this limits the maximum sample size that can be measured. The strength of the dipole field has been raised from 0.5 T to 1.2 T.
Now, each system is delivered with two optics. One is optimized to achieve high optical magnification, the other provides the best signal-to-noise ratio. Thus, the NanoMOKE3 can easily be adapted to fit the demands of the respective measurement task.

  • 0.5 mdegree sensitivity
  • 1.2 T maximum field strength
  • 4 K – 500 K temperature range

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