NEW: ILT800 CureRight radiometer

Our long-time supplier International Light Technologies ILT has further advanced its belt radiometer series. In future, the well-established radiometer series ILT400 / ILT490 will be replaced by the brand new series ILT800. 

By default, ILT800 radiometers already cover a great range of applications and a variety of light measurement requirements. Furthermore, the system can be fully configured and customized to the user’s individual environment.

ILT800 radiometers are designed to measure and validate all types of UV curing sources and methods. For example conveyor, belt, oven, flood, area, spot, 3D printing, pulsed and traditional UV lamps, UV/VIS LEDs and LED light sources.

  • The ILT800 CureRight system has a range of unique features:
  • Profiling of current/previous/stored measurements
  • Viewing, measuring, monitoring and exporting the date, time, temperature, irradiance, dose, calibration due date, model/serial number, and battery status.
  • User-programmable settings include:
  • Minimum light level threshold, 
  • Lamp-to-lamp measurement interval (delay) 
  • Time to auto shutoff
  • Auto/manual/live measurement modes 

ILT800 is the only radiometer with Device ID software that allows the programming of up to 20 unique system/source parameters. This enables users to store and export baselines and historical data for all their curing stations in just one device. 

All systems are calibrated according to ISO standard 17025 (UKAS recognized) or have a NIST-traceable certification.


Stephane Struyve
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