Specim now present their compact cameras FX10 and FX17 with Gigabit Ethernet interface

All cameras of the FX series feature an outstandingly small, lightweight and rugged design. The main focus is on quick and easy integration in specific applications. Via the provided SDK, camera control can be integrated in the customer’s software, if required. All compact cameras are compatible with Specim scanners and can even be used on UAVs or other aircrafts with adequate interface.

Apart from extraordinarily great transmission and spectral resolution, the FX spectral cameras feature an extremely high data rate. VisNIR camera FX10 (400 nm-1000 nm) reaches a full frame rate of 330 Hz. NIR camera FX17 (900 nm-1700 nm) provides an impressive 670 frames per second. By reducing the number of spectral bands, the maximum sub-frame rate can be increased to 15.000 frames per second. 

Highly rapid processes like this require cameras with CameraLink interface. For the easy integration in the computer periphery, we also recommend GigE versions, as they do not require special frame grabber boards. 

Please note that the data transfer rate with GigE is limited so that not every image is passed at extremely high frame rates. 



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