Virtual magnetometry and cryo lab

We have created virtual setups of our magnetometry and cryo labs! It started in September 2020 when we held a virtual lab tour and user workshop. These were our first steps and experiences in the virtual world. They were so successful that we have since offered virtual visits for all who are interested. These visits can include a general overview of our systems, sample measurements or scientific discussion while using the instrument in question.

We have a PPMS-DynaCool and MPMS3 in our virtual lab. Both systems can cool samples down below 2 K and produce a magnetic field of up to 9 Tesla. MPMS3 is a SQUID magnetometer for sensitive magnetic measurements. DynaCool is a platform for measuring a variety of physical properties. The most popular of which are magnetic measurements like VSM and AC susceptibility and electric and thermal measurements like thermal conductivity or heat capacity.
Even if a virtual tour doesn’t cover all aspects of a visit in “real” life, we are certain that we can give you a lot of interesting insights. Therefore we plan to keep offering virtual visits even after the pandemic is over.
Are you interested in taking a tour? Contact us – we look forward to meeting you!

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Stephane Struyve
Stephane Struyve


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