VSM – Magnetic measurements made simple

With VSM Model 8600, Lake Shore has made a quantum leap. Compared with its predecessor, many features have been further improved: higher sensitivity, faster measuring points, and even easier handling, for example quicker exchange of the temperature option. The two models 8604 (up to 2.7 T magnetic field) and the larger 8607 (up to 3.2 T magnetic field) are proof of Lake Shore’s many years of experience in the field of vibrating sample magnetometers with electromagnets. Compared with magnetometers with superconducting magnets, there is no need for either liquid helium or a cold head. A brand-new VSM feature is the measurement option magneto-
If we’ve made you curious, check out YouTube for an introductory video of our demo VSM.

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Stephane Struyve
Stephane Struyve


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