Woollam newsletter – issue 18 now published

The new Woollam newsletter has just been published. In this issue, you will find interesting articles on spectroscopic ellipsometry and on the Woollam company and their products. 

Get stunning information on ellipsometric measurements of mesoporous and microporous samples (micropores < 2 nm in diameter).

Further topics are:

  • J.A. Woollam turns 30 years: Interview with company founder Prof. John Woollam
  • Presentation of the new in situ spectral ellipsometer iSE
  • Portrait of Prof. Erwin Kessel, Technical University Eindhoven
  • Book presentation: "Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, Practical Application to Thin Film Characterization" by Harland G.Tompkins and James N. Hilfiker
  • New Alpha-SE options

We now offer a complete range of accessories for our low-cost spectral ellipsometer Alpha-SE:

Liquid cell

For measurements in liquid ambients. The cell has a capacity of 500 µl and can be used with both glass slides and 1″ or 2″ wafers. 

Transmission mount

To allow vertical mounting of samples for transmission measurements.

Manual translation

Allows manual xy-positioning of the sample over a 12 mm range with 0.025 mm resolution (micrometer screw).

Focusing option

Easy-to-install focusing lenses reduce the measurement spot size to < 500 µm.


Even small sample structures can be viewed with the camera image integrated within the CompleteEASE software and the beam measurement spot can be located.

QCM-D adapter

Both Quartz Crystal Microbalance systems E1 and Explorer from Q-Sense can be combined with Alpha-SE.


Stephane Struyve
Stephane Struyve


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