MSHD-300 with variable slits & MSHD-300F with fixed slits

For those applications where the scattered light performance of a single monochromator is not sufficient, the MSHD-300 and MSHD-300F double monochromators are available. These devices are supplied with either additive or subtractive dispersion. An optional swing away mirror allows instant change from double to single operation – a useful feature in UV-VIS-NIR systems.

  • Focal length: 600 mm
  • Fully automated
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • 190 nm - 24 μm (grating dependent)
  • Control software and software development kit

Further information

An order sorting filter wheel, essential for accurate measurement of continuous spectra and our various light sources are amongst the wide range of accessories available to complement the MSHD-300F. As with the MSH-300, these monochromators control grating position using precision gears and a microprocessor-controlled microstepping drive. Up to three gratings are mounted on a turret which can be rotated through 360° allowing software selection of grating type and position. An optional programmable detector changeover mirror with software selectable dual inputs allow spectral scans over wide wavelength ranges without manual intervention. The advantages of this drive include constant wavelength accuracy at all grating angles, very fast wavelength acquisition and zero backlash.


MSHD 300F with fixed slit
MSHD 300 with variable slit
Accessories for monochromators
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Stephane Struyve
Stephane Struyve

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