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Optical filters for light sources

To use one or more optical filters is often the simplest way to isolate a small region of the light source spectrum, to remove unwanted spectral bands, or to attenuate the light beam. We offer a wide selection of narrow and broadband filters, neutral density filters and special filters to reject unwanted radiation or heat from a system or to protect filters and other optics.

  • Wavelength selective illumination
  • Isolation of broad spectral regions
  • Attenuation of light output
  • Water filter reduces heat load on other filters and optics


Heat absorbing water filter - Data sheet
Lens and filter holders - Data sheet
Heat reflecting filter - Data sheet
Heat transmitting dichroic filters - Data sheet
Neutral density filters - Data sheet
Mercury and analytical line filters - Data sheet
Standard bandpass filters - Data sheet
Colored glass filters - Data sheet
Light sources and optical filters, guidelines - Data sheet


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