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Power supply for superconducting magnets

From Lake Shore Cryotronics

Our power supply Model 625 is the perfect supply for small- to medium-sized magnets. Limited output power allows highest precision at minimal noise for high-end applications in research and development.

  • 60 A/5V bipolar output
  • 0.1 mA resolution
  • Ripple: 0.007% of the maximum current (into a 1 mΩ load)
  • < 1 mA/hour drift

Further information

The precise creation of magnetic fields requires a smooth continuous operation with high resolution and low drift.  The sophisticated electronics of Model 625 provide all of this even at the 60 A needed for superconducting magnets. Model 625 is the powerful alternative to large, one-size-fits-all adapters and the tedious customization of universal power supplies.

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Superconducting magnet power supply model 625


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