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Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) with electromagnet

From Lake Shore Cryotronics

The Vibrating Sample Magnetometers (VSM) of the 8600 series complete our broad range of magnetic characterization instruments. The magnetic field is provided by an electromagnet with variable gap size. The 8600 VSM instruments by Lake Shore exhibit several optimizations for making measurements fast, easy, reliable, and repeatable.

  • Magnetic field up to 3.2 T
  • Noise floor down to 15 nemu RMS
  • Fast measurements – up to 10 ms/pt
  • Fast field changes - up to 10000 Oe/s
  • Temperature range from 4.2 K to 1273 K
  • Gold standard for FORC measurements

Further information

The VSM technology is suitable for fast and precise measurements and is used to obtain several magnetic parameters of a sample, e.g. hysteresis loop, permeability, moment versus field, virgin curve, etc. The Lake Shore VSMs are useful for a wide range of sample types like powders, thin films, nanomagnetic materials, liquids or bulk samples.

We offer two models: the 8604 with a 4-inch magnet and the 8607 with a 7-inch magnet. The basic magnetometer comes as plug-and-play version, so you can get data directly after the system installation. Measurement capabilities can be extended by various options, incl. three different temperature options.


8600 series VSM


8600 Series VSM
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