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QuantumLeap - X-Ray absorption spectroscopy system for XAS, XANES und EXAFS


Sigray’s QuantumLeap™ brings the long-awaited power of x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS), a synchroton technique for determining electronic structure of elements, to individual laboratories. With QuantumLeap, researchers will now be able to identify and quantify the chemical species of elements of interest.

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Three core new approaches enable the QuantumLeap unprecedented performance:

  • x-ray source featuring an innonvative microstructured x-ray target
  • proprietary high efficiency x-ray mirror lens
  • innovative detector geometry.

With QuantumLeap, researchers will now be able to identify and quantify the chemical species of elements of interest. It pairs a cutting-edge multi-energy x-ray source with state-of-the-art capillary optics and switchable analyzer crystals for high energy resolution and fast acquisition times. QuantumLeap provides access to XANES and EXAFS data without the need for a synchrotron:

  • XANES can be provided at sub-eV energy resolution on the range of minutes to an hour
  • EXAFS at high throughput in seconds to minutes
  • Wide energy coverage range for analysis of a broad range of elements
  • MicroXANES at 100 micron spot size




Dual modes

XANES at sub-eV

EXAFS at high throughput

Energy coverage

4 – 10 keV* Possible to extend to higher energy x-rays with reduced throughput & energy resolution


Bulk mode | micro-XAS mode at 10 μm

Geometry & crystal analyzers

Von Hamos Geometry With HAPG (002), HOPG (002), Si (111), Si (220). Others on request.


Sigray high brightness microfocus source

Target materials

Three materials: W, Au, Rh. Others on request

Power | Voltage | Current

250 W | 20-50 kV

X-ray Optic

Sigray twin paraboloidal x-ray optic

Transmission efficiency


X-ray detector

Direct detection CCD (30 x 3.8 mm)


16 bit


2000 x 256 pixels | 15 μm (provides <0.5 eV resolution in system)

X-ray fluorescence detector

Si SDD detector (10 mm2) energy resolution

Energy resolution

<135 eV at Mn-Ka


Synchrotron Beamline Capabilities
AppNote Tracking battery oxidation state changes with lab XANES
AppNote Xanes for investigating catalyst chemical states


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