Electrical measurements

26. June 2023  - 30. June 2023 Poznan, Poland

Physics of Magnetism (PM`23)

Institute of Molecular Physics, PAN
Mr. Dluzewski and Dr. Kunzmann will be available to introduce Lake Shore's state-of-the-art product range: ■    Cryogenic thermometry monitors, controllers, and sensors ■    Cryogenic probe stations ...
Electrical measurements - Synchronous source and measure system M81-SSM
Synchronous source and measure system M81-SSM

The Lake Shore MeasureReady™ M81-SSM (Synchronous Source and Measure) system provides a straightforward approach for advanced applications in electrical measurements. The M81 reduces the hardware ...

Electrical measurements - AC and DC Current Sources
AC and DC Current Sources

Ultra-low noise, very stable and programmable AC and DC current sources are offered with the MeasureReady technology. These precision instruments could be used in bench-top or panel-mounted ...

Electrical measurements - AC Resistance Bridge
AC Resistance Bridge

By using alternating current (AC) measurement in tandem with a specially designed internal lock-in amplifier, the Model 372 can extract very small measurement signals from background noise. This ...

Electrical measurements - Voltage controlled current source
Voltage controlled current source

The AMS220 is a voltage controlled current source with active common mode rejection mode. Common mode voltage signals can result in a large error when using a standard measurement set-up for low ...


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