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AC and DC Current Sources

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Ultra-low noise, very stable and programmable AC and DC current sources are offered with the MeasureReady technology. These precision instruments could be used in bench-top or panel-mounted configurations in labs, test facilities and manufacturing environment. Ideally suited for testing, measuring, and operating resistive and semiconductor devices, like Cernox temperature sensors, RTDs, silicon sensors, LED devices and Hall sensors.

  • Low-noise DC and AC/DC
  • Voltage and Current Source
  • Simple user interface
  • Wi-Fi, USB, and LAN connectivity (GPIB option)

Further information

155 AC/DC Current and Voltage Source

In most cases AC as well as DC excitation signals should have as low source noise as possible. However usually DC noise performance is compromised to ensure high AC noise performance and vice versa. This is because of the filtering, that not only quiet DC noise but also dampens AC signals. The 155 system was engineered to achieve low-noise levels without additional filtering, enabling exceptional output performance in both DC and AC modes. Which could be used to successfully perform I/V curve, Hall effect, resistance, resistivity, and other fundamental measurements of novel materials and early-stage devices.

The 155 generates just 200 nV RMS (1 µV p-p) of low frequency (<10 Hz) noise and 9 µV RMS of higher frequency (10 Hz to 100 kHz) noise in the 10 mV range. With a programming resolution of 100 nV, the 155 is ideal when a very clean, ultra-low voltage output is required. For low current signals, the 155 precision source is equally capable —just 7 pA RMS of low frequency noise and a very low 1 nA RMS of higher frequency noise in the 1 µA range, with a 10 pA setting resolution.


155 AC/DC Current and Voltage Source

  • Low RMS noise: from 200 nV (10 mV)/7 pA (1 µA)
  • Bipolar, 4-quadrant power source
  • DC and AC modes supported up to 100 kHz (MeasureReady 155-AC)
  • Full scale ranges—voltage: 10 mV to 100 V, current: 1 µA to 100 mA
  • 0.001% programming resolution (from 100 nV/10 pA)
  • In-phase reference output for use with a lock-in amplifier (155-AC only)
  • Manual and autorange function
  • Front and rear input connectors
  • Wi-Fi, USB, and LAN connectivity (GPIB option)

Model 121 Programmable DC Current Source

  • 7 decades of output current, selectable in 13 steps
  • Programmable current output, 100 nA to 100 mA
  • Low-noise output
  • Current reversal feature
  • USB interface enables integration with automated test systems
  • DIN panel-mountable package
  • Detachable output terminal block


  • Basic device QC (“good/bad” verification)
  • LED brightness testing (constant device current)
  • Temperature sensor calibration (determine resistance at fixed calibration points)
  • Temperature measurement (using a voltmeter readout)
  • Magnetic sensor calibration and measurement
  • Semiconductor device measurements
  • Circuit prototyping (fixed current source)
  • Small scale electro-chemical applications


Model 121 DC current sourece
Model 155 Precision I V source


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