Juni 2022

06. Juni 2022  - 10. Juni 2022 Kudow-Zdroj, Poland
16th Kudowa Summer School "Towards fusion energy" We are happy to sponsor this event which mission is to provide high quality scientific lectures to students willing to start their careers in fusion and plasma physics research.
13. Juni 2022  - 15. Juni 2022 Zeulenroda, Deutschland
16. Thementage Grenz- und Oberflächentechnik - ThGOT Uwe Schmidt präsentiert Ihnen vor Ort das umfangreiche Produktprogramm an Lichtmesstechnik und Modularer optischer Spektroskopie unseres Lieferanten ILT. International Light Technologies (ILT) ist ...
14. Juni 2022  - 15. Juni 2022 Halle, Germany / Booth 15
9th CAM-Workshop Innovation in Failure Analyses and Material Diagnostics of Electronics Components
19. Juni 2022  - 22. Juni 2022 Heidelberg, Germany
EMBO/EMBL Symposium - Defining and defeating metastasis Dr. Raimund Sauter will be available to discuss our optical coherence tomography systems.
21. Juni 2022  - 24. Juni 2022 Munich, Germany / Hall A2, Booth 331
Analytica 2022 We will present the following products: In situ sample management for TEM: Our principle DENSsolutions offers a complete suite of in situ sample management solutions for heating, biasind, gases & ...
26. Juni 2022  - 29. Juni 2022 ICC Ghent, Belgium
ALD/ALE2022 22nd International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition

Oktober 2022

18. Oktober 2022  - 20. Oktober 2022 Frankfurt, Germany
Optatec We will present the following products: Optical filters and polarizers from UV to IR, X-Ray sources and windows, light measurement and modular optical spectroscopy equipment. We are happy to meet you ...


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