Cryostation options: Adding lenses

More customers are adding lenses in­side the Cryostation to accommo­date their experiments. In several instances aspheric lenses were added either directly into the sample space, or in a window port on the radiation shield.

Advantages of putting lenses inside the sample chamber include larger collection efficiencies of light scattered off of the samples, and an increase of the distance to the outside optics. Above are several examples of instances where lenses were included inside the sample space. In the first instance, a lens is incorporated into the radiation shield.

The distance from the sample can be adjusted as there is a locking ring to lock the threaded collar in to place in different locations. This depends on where the sample is mounted and the outside optics are placed. The lens is used to increase the working distance to the optics at room temperature.
The second example incorporates two lenses inside a castle radiation shield. Light is sent through the bore of a large magnet, then it is focused onto the sample from the lens in the radiation shield. After that the scattered light is collected through the other lens and sent through the other bore of the magnet. We also offer an option to add small lenses directly to the end of the magnet poles in the Cryostation magnet option.

The last example demonstrates two aspheric lenses inside the sample space. One lens focuses light onto the sample and the light reflected off is collected by the other aspheric lens.


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