Heat capacity of magnetite explored by students

On the website of Quantum Design North America, a new student experiment can be found: Measuring the heat capacity of magnetite (Fe3O4). This material undergoes at approx. 120 K a structural phase transition with the name Verwey transition. This transition can be observed by the measurement of several physical properties. The focus of this new educational module is the characterizing of this transition using the heat capacity option. The free-of-charge document describes the measurement procedure and provides explanations on the underlying solid-state physics and the instrument employed.
You are interested in heat capacity at lower temperatures, but you don’t have an appropriate measuring instrument? Send us a message! We have a DynaCool instrument in our application’s laboratory in Darmstadt, which can be used for pilot tests.

The experiment can be found at: https://education.qdusa.com/experiment12.html

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