New method for Hall measurements – Precise and fast

With the M91 FastHall, our partner Lake Shore has created a Hall measurement controller that does not rely on magnetic field reversal and still provides more precise data than conventional Hall systems. This saves valuable time, especially in systems with superconductive magnets. Depending on the size of the magnet, magnetic field reversal can take up to an hour.  

Measuring charge carrier mobility, traditionally in an AC field, is difficult, as Hall voltage is very low, and the stabilization period is long. This often leads to long measurement times which makes measurements susceptible to mistakes induced by thermal drift. With the M91 FastHall measurement con-
troller, low-mobility materials like organic semiconductors or solar cells can be measured up to 100 times faster – with more precise results.
All measurement steps, from optimizing parameters, checking contacts and calculating charge carrier mobility, are fully automated.
As the M91 is compatible with all permanent, electro- and superconductive magnets, any magnet can easily be transformed into a Hall measurement station at very little cost.

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Ales Jandik
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