Quantification of carbon nanotubes – quick and easy

The NS-MiniTracer is the latest and most budget-friendly member of the Nano­­Spectralyzer family of Applied NanoFluorescence.

Its solid and compact design comprises an excitation laser and the required optics to capture the characteristic NIR fluorescence of dispersed SWCNTs. Optimized for lowest possible background noise, the MiniTracer offers long integration times and extraordinary detection sensitivity. It is particularly suited for the selective detection and quantitation of trace quantities of SWCNTs in environmental and biological samples.

Using the NS-MiniTracer is easy and user-friendly. Customized software helps the user load the samples and automatically selects the perfect data acquisition parameters. After all data is acquired a full emission spectrum is displayed along with the spectrally integrated SWCNT emission signal.

This convenient numerical result is proportional to the SWCNT content within a set of samples and can be used to create project-specific calibration curves. The NS-MiniTracer is also an ideal tool for any laboratory that needs to routinely characterize their SWCNT dispersions. It quickly captures emission spectra that reflect the composition, concentration, and individual configuration of a sample’s SWCNTs. 


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