SCREEN – emerging technologies in 3D ex vivo imaging

In drug discovery processes, there has been a growing shift from laboratory-based 2D in vitro approaches towards 3D ex vivo-based platforms.
3D ex vivo platforms are also being developed into better drug efficacy testing systems in preclinical profiling of novel anticancer entities. Within this context, there is a growing need for improving ways to image and analyze complex 3D structures like multicellular tumor spheroids and organoids.
Our partner SCREEN has developed both fluorescence and novel OCT-based technologies which have eliminated the need for fluorescent staining.

Applications include:

  • spheroid/organoid imaging
  • growth and morphological profiling of 3D spheroids
  • quantification of internal cavities
  • drug sensitivity testings
  • large tissue imaging
  • non-invasive monitoring of macro and sprouted neo vasculature

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