Specim IQ - Compact and Sophisticated Hyperspectral Imaging

The hyperspectral camera IQ combines the high spatial and spectral resolution of a spatially resolving spectrograph with the ease-of-use of a modern camera. This enables hyperspectral analyses on site, independent of a computer or stationery work station.  All necessary components are already included in the camera. This includes exchangeable battery, memory card, display and GPS sensor. The camera is integrated for a visible image, so that an overlay of the spectral image with the visible image can be displayed.

Spectral analyses can be performed directly inside the camera. The included software IQ Studio provides spectral information on each individual spot of the image. You can generate classification models or load models you have created at another time. The Specim IQ can help you make good/bad decisions on the field or in the lab. All data can also later be analyzed on a computer.
The IQ hyperspectral camera opens the door for applications, for which hyperspectral  imaging has been too complex so far. It is used in the analysis of paintings, in vegetation research, food engineering, pharmacy, cosmetics and forensics.

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