The new optical cryostat: Please welcome Cryostation C2!

If you perform optical measurements at low temperatures, you should check out the Cryostation C2. The Cryostation can easily be integrated into existing optical experiments. It may be installed directly on the optical stage. The system is fully automated so that neither cryogenic liquids nor special knowledge on cryogenics are needed to operate it. The sample is directly cooled by a cold head. Thanks to sophisticated vibration isolation, vibrations that are normally associated with cold heads are barely conveyed to the sample or the optical stage. Cryostation C2 has been mainly developed for users in optics that have little or no experience with cryostats.

So far, the Cryostation has been mainly used for measurements on micro cavities, quantum dots and nitrogen vacancy centers. These applications require a combination of low vibrations, low drift and low temperatures. Especially the drift of the sample holder has been reduced in the new Cryostation C2.

The complete new design of the cold head allows better access to the sample from all four sides of the sample chamber. This is particularly important for transmission measurements. The sample chamber is now illuminated to allow working on samples even in darkened optics labs.

Both software and firmware were refurbished and are now even more functional and reliable. All options of the Cryostation 1, like optical microscope or magnet, are also available for Cryostation C2.


  • Temperature range: 3.2 – 350 K
  • Vibrations: 5 nm (peak-to-peak)
  • Closed helium cycle


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