FAAST X-ray source


The patented FAAST™ microfocus x-ray source (Fine Anode Array Source Technology) is based on a complete new x-ray source design.  The x-ray target is made out of fine metal microstructures that are encapsulated in a diamond substrate. This complete new design was enabled due to recent developments in semiconductor processing techniques.

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One of the main limitations of conventional microfocus x-ray source is related to the upper limit on the power density before the solid metal evaporates. This is the well-known bottleneck if you want to achieve higher brightness in a laboratory x-ray source.

The FAAST™ microfocus x-ray source solves this problem in an elegant way. Instead of only one large metal x-ray emitter the FAAST™ source has several small and locally separated emitters that are embedded into a diamond substrate. This enables a highly localized, large thermal gradient for each emitter and the electron power densities can substantially be increased (e.g. 4x for Cu and even greater for metals with lower thermal conductivity).

  • provides linear accumulation of x-rays to even further maximize brightness along very low take-off angles.
  • enables the use of many elements previously considered unfeasible as x-ray source materials (thereby enabling access to new x-ray spectra).
  • empowers the incorporation of multiple microstructured regions with different materials for rapid switching between different x-ray energies within the same source.


  • The smallest spot x-ray microbeam delivery system (<8 µm) on the market
  • Substantially higher (>50X) brightness at the sample in comparison to existing polycapillary-based x-ray illumination systems 
  • Multi-energy (dual energy or tri energy) x-ray source for ultimate performance and flexibility [target options include: Ti, Cr, Fe, Cu, Ag, Mo, Rh, Au, Pt etc.]
  • Large working distance (up to 50 mm) for a broad range of applications
  • Enables the development of systems with cutting-edge performance, like the AttoMap™ microXRF


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