Helium recovery and liquefaction plants

Direct recovery & recovery systems with high and medium pressure storage from QuantumDesign

Every cryogenic instrument which uses liquid helium can be equipped with a recovery system. This reduces the running costs drastically and helps to safe helium, which is considered as a finite resource. We offer helium recovery and liquefaction plants based on Advanced Technology Helium Liquefiers and Purifiers by Quantum Design.

  • High recovery rate
  • Versatile and scalable design
  • Fail-safe operation

Further information

Depending on the amount of helium to be recovered and storage conditions we offer 3 standard configurations: direct (DR), medium pressure (MP) and high pressure (HP) recovery systems.

Direct recovery is a simple and reliable solution for a stand-alone cryostat e.g. MEG system. It does not provide storage volume on the way from the source (customer’s cryostat) to the recipient (liquefier). DR is ideal solution if the boil-off helium flow is nearly constant. This is an important limitation: for example liquid helium transfer losses cannot be recovered in this configuration. Nevertheless, the typical overall recovery rate is 70-80%.

Medium and high pressure recovery systems utilize the storage of gaseous helium under pressure (7 bars for MP or 200 bars for HP). Both setups appear to be very flexible since the storage and buffer capacities, as well as the liquid helium production rate can be easily scaled in our modular concept. Addition of ATP30 helium purifier provides high purity of the gas leading to stable, high performance of the liquefier. 95-99% recovery rate can be achieved.

Besides of 3 preset configurations we also offer customized solutions and upgrades, allowing the integration of the hardware on the customer’s site with our equipment.


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