Production Ready 3D Optical Profiler

ZeGage Pro from Zygo
The ZeGage Pro and ZeGage Pro HR 3D optical profilers provide non-contact measurement and characterization of micro and nano-scale features of virtually any surface, and set the new standard for performance, ease of use, flexibility, and precision of benchtop-class industrial non-contact surface profilers. Features
  • Vibration-resistant, for metrology and process control on the production floor
  • ISO 25178-compliant results ensure confidence in your metrology
  • Non-contact, area-based metrology technique prevents part damage and is insensitive to part lay
  • Measurements require no consumables

Further information

The base ZeGage Pro model delivers surface mapping at the nanometer scale, meeting the needs for most industrial surfaces. For smoother samples, with a much finer surface finish, the ZeGage Pro HR offers more than 20X higher precision with 0.15 nm vertical precision.



ZeGage Pro et Pro HR brochure


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