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Versatile measurement platform with electro-magnet

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MeasureReady™ MCS-EMP

The MCS (Modular Characterisation System) is a versatile platform for the material characterisation with focus on electric measurements. It provides a 3 T electro-magnet and an optional temperature stage. The open architecture is ideal to install custom experiments.

  • Variable magnetic fields up to 3 T
  • Low-noise 4-quadrant power supply
  • Automated Hall measurement system
  • Temperature stage
  • Open design for custom experiments

Further information

The ExactGAP™ technology allows to change the pole gap without that the system needs a new calibration. That makes it easy to switch between different experiments with different pole gaps. The F71 Teslameter with TruZero™ almost completely eliminates the error of the field measurements.

Available options:

Measurement Modules

  • FastHall™ measurement system
  • Further modules under development

Temperature Options

  • GlideLOCK oven
  • Cryostat

Sample Mounts

  • High performance sample mounts
  • Various probe cards
  • Optical sample stage
  • Manual rotator

For a detailed description see


  • Electro-transport measurements
  • Magneto-transport measurements
  • Custom experiments


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