Widest spectral range ellipsometer VASE

From Woollam Co.

The VASE is our most accurate and versatile ellipsometer for research on all types of materials: semiconductors, dielectrics, polymers, metals, multi-layers and more.

  • Ex-situ spectroscopic ellipsometer
  • Wide spectral range from 193 to 4000 nm
  • Maximum data accuracy
  • High spectral resolution and perfect R&D flexibility

Further information

It combines high accuracy and precision with a wide spectral range from 193 to 4000 nm. Variable wavelength and angle of incidence allow flexible measurement capabilities including:

  • Reflection and transmission ellipsometry
  • Generalized ellipsometry
  • Reflectance (R) intensity
  • Transmittance (T) intensity
  • Cross-polarized R/T
  • Depolarization
  • Scatterometry
  • Mueller matrix

Maximum data accuracy

The VASE features a rotating analyzer ellipsometer (RAE) combined with our patented AutoRetarder for unparalleled data accuracy.

High-precision wavelength selection

The HS-190TM scanning monochromator is designed specifically for spectroscopic ellipsometry. It optimizes speed, wavelength accuracy, and light throughput, while automatically controlling selection of wavelengths and spectral resolution.

Flexible measurements

The VASE features a vertical sample mount to accommodate a large variety of measurement geometries including reflection, transmission, and scattering.


  • vertical sample mount
  • computer-controlled angle of incidence goniometer 20° - 90°
  • single or double chamber monochromator
  • spectral range 250 - 2500 nm (standard)
  • DUV from 193 nm
  • NIR to 3200 nm or 4000 nm
  • computer-controlled mapping unit: 50 mm XY
  • computer controlled sample rotator
  • AutoRetarder
  • manual 50 mm XY translation
  • 200 µm focused beam option
  • camera
  • cryostat (4.2 to 500 K or 4.2 to 800 K)
  • heat cell (RT to 300 °C or -80 °C to +600 °C)


Semiconductors Bandgap, electronic transitions and critical points can be measured for semiconductor materials such as GaN, InP, SiGe, CdTe, etc. Good wavelength resolution and ability to measure depolarization ensure accurate optical constants.
Thick films For thicker films (>5 μm), good spectral resolution is needed to resolve the interference oscillation features of Ψ/Δ data. Operator defined monochromator step size and narrow bandwidth help resolve fine spectral features.
Photosensitve materials The monochromator is positioned before the sample, so only low intensity monochromatic light strikes the sample. This prevents exposure of photosensitive samples.
Anisotropic films and meta materials


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