Cryogen-free optical cryostat with 7-Tesla field

OptiCool from Quantum Design

The OptiCool is a low-temperature, high-magnetic field platform from Quantum Design. The cryogen-free cryostat is mounted on an optical table and can easily be integrated in a variety of optical experiments. Optical access to the sample is available through seven side windows and one top window. The sample area is remarkably large with a diameter of 89 mm and 84 mm in height. The sample is in the center of the magnetic field and all possible optical ray tracks. Thanks to its special design,  the mechanical vibration on the sample is only a few nanometers.

  • Temperature range: 1,7 K to 350 K
  • 7 T Split-Coil Conical Magnet
  • Automated control of temperature and magnetic field
  • Low Vibration: <10 nm peak-to-peak
  • 89 mm x 84 mm Sample Volume
  • Cryogen Free

Further information

Sample Pods

The OptiCool's Sample Pod provides a place to build and customize your experiment on the bench. When you are ready to make a measurement, the Sample Pod easily plugs into the pre-wired temperature control column. Having multiple experiments arranged on multiple pods allows you to switch experimental hardware quickly. Sample Pods are available in both a standard configuration and a large-volume configuration depending on the experimental needs. Each type of pod can be further configured by changing the riser pieces (available in three lengths; included with the system) to adjust the height of the mounting plate.

  • Standard Sample Pod – Allows for mounting plate positions from 56.4 mm to 12.4 mm below the magnet center.
  • Large-Volume Sample Pod – Allows for mounting plate positions from 131 mm below to 87 mm below the magnet center.


The OptiCool can be custom configured with three different types of wiring assemblies. Each cryostat can have up to 5 wiring assemblies pre-installed. The wiring assemblies present the necessary connectors to make contact to the pod and take care of thermal lagging, necessary to reach base temperature.

  • Sample Wiring – Each sample wiring assembly contains eight twisted pairs for a total of 16 wires. Four 4-pin connectors are presented on the pod to make contact to your sample.
  • Positioner Wiring – The positioner wiring assembly is designed to be compatible with attocube piezo positioner stacks. Each assembly has enough wires to run up to 3 different axes of motion with the RES position feedback. If position feedback is not required, the feedback wires can be repurposed to run an additional 3 axes of motion. Contact Quantum Design for more information.
  • RF Coax Wiring – The RF coax wiring assembly contains four coaxial cables capable of carrying high frequency signals up to 20 GHz.

Positioning and Microscopy

Many optical applications require precise positioning of the sample to the optical path for focusing or examination of an area of interest. The ability to scan the sample is also required for 2D imaging of sample properties. To meet these needs the OptiCool cryostat can be configured with a piezo-based nanopositioning stack to move your sample in situ. The nanopositioner option comes with all the adapters needed to mount the nanopositioners onto a pod, specialized cryostat wiring, and cabling that can connect to the piezo controller. The nanopositioner stack can be mounted on the standard pod or on the large-volume pod depending on experimental needs.

Many experiments require a high-quality, high-NA objective. To address this need, Quantum Design offers a field-compatible Zeiss 100x LD EC Epiplan-Neofluar, infinity-corrected objective. With a 0.75 NA and a free working distance of 2 mm between your sample and the cold shield aperture, the optics are maintained in vacuum at room temperature to provide the optimal environment to take full advantage of this objective's high performance design.

OptiCool nanopositioner on large-volume pod

OptiCool nanopositioner on standard pod

OptiCool room temperature objective


  • MOKE / CryoMOKE
  • Raman / FTIR Spectroscopy
  • Photoluminescence
  • UV / VIS Reflectivity & Absorption
  • AFM / Microscopy
  • NV / Color Defect / Vacancy Centers
  • Nanomagnetism
  • Time Resolved Magnetic Spectroscopy
  • Quantum Optics
  • Spintronics


OptiCool Optical Magnetic Cryostat
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OptiCool sample pods
OptiCool wiring options
OptiCool sample positioner
Rapid Thermal Stage (X140)
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