Cameras for TEM experiments made by
Direct Electron

TEM cameras from our new partner Direct Electron (DE) offer unrivaled flexibility. They allow from biological cryogenic experiments (cryo-EM) over experiments in materials science to in situ TEM experiments. A fact that makes this type of camera exceptionally popular with interdisciplinary working groups and TEM core facilities.

DE’s TEM cameras provide ultimate resolution and sensitivity in combination with a very large field of view. Their large dynamic range allows applications like high-resolution TEM (HRTEM), energy-filtered TEM (EFTEM) and scanning TEM (STEM). They also feature high speeds at an excellent signal-to-noise ratio, so they are particularly suited for in situ TEM experiments.

This great versatility is made possible by Direct Electron’s specially developed sensor technology. Common digital TEM cameras use a scintillator to convert primary electrons in photons before they are detected by the camera’s sensor. But when it comes to analyzing dynamic processes, this traditional camera technology is rather limited in regards to resolution, signal-to-noise ratio and imaging speed.

Direct detection cameras are based on a brand-new principle (see fig. 1): Primary electrons are detected directly without using a scintillator. Direct Electron were the first to utilize this new concept. They now look back on 15 years of experience in the field. The secret lies in the thin sensing layer which is passed by incident electrons leaving an ionization trail. This trail can either be integrated or counted in pixels. As the sensing layer is very thin, a lateral charge spread is mostly avoided which allows for unparalleled resolutions. This detection method also enables extremely high frame rates which makes these cameras the ideal tool for time-critical, dynamic in situ TEM experiments. Please visit our website for information on the following applications:

  • Biological cryo-TEM experiments
  • Materials science
  • In situ investigations
  • LEEM/PEEM experiments

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