Cameras for TEM experiments made by
Direct Electron

Up to now, direct detection TEM cameras have almost exclusively been used for biological cryo-TEM measurements.

They are essential tools to achieve high-resolution images in this type of research. However, these cameras are also suited for a wide range of other TEM research areas. Especially for in situ TEM experiments.

DE cameras deliver high speed (user adjustable frame rate up to 1000+ fps) with exceptional signal-to-noise ratio and large field-of-view to capture TEM movies in unprecedented speed and detail.

Specifically, these cameras are optimized for the three most critical factors in recording in situ TEM movies:


  • High frame rate – to record movies fast enough to record the dynamics of your specimen 
  • High sensitivity – to generate a lot of signal with as few electrons as possible, so that you have sufficient contrast in each movie frame to visualize your specimen
  • Low noise – to ensure that each high-speed movie frame is not overwhelmed by noise
  • This is why our Direct Electron uses the continuously optimized Direct Detection Device (DDD®) sensor in the tenth generation

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